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Nearly every day I get offers for new credit cards in the mail. I'm pre-approved, hooray! The thing is, I have great credit, so I can pretty much get any credit card I want. And thats what I do, my cards are all rewards cards. 5% off gas, 5% off cell phone bills etc.

That's why I find it extra annoying to get these credit card offers in the mail. Today I got two, both from Chase. One wasn't enough? So I decided to see if there wasn't something I could do about it. Turns out, there is. This web site:


Lets you Opt-Out of all of them. Credit card companies and insurance companies apparently get their lists from the credit bureaus, and if you Opt out via that web site, in a few months you should never get any more annoying offers. Just think of all the trees you'll save! And time you'll save.

Now if I could just find a way to get off of the ValuePak coupon mailing list!

  • John Masone
  • Yeah, ValPak is gone too. They have a web site, and on their site you can get off of their mailing list. I'm going to get seriously less junk mail now. This is great, if only junk email was this easy to get rid of. But it ain't. Not even close.
  • September 14th, 2007 1:17 AM
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