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MySpace hates MenuLizard. Why? I have no idea.

They've deleted two of my accounts already. The first one had been around for over a year. It had nearly 10,000 myspace friends on it. I never sent out any spam at all. I didn't leave spam-like comments on other people's profile. I sent out a myspace bulletin once every two weeks, and thats all. And that bulletin was basically just asking people to send me menus. Which by the way, worked. I've gotten a great many menus from people that found me via my Myspace account. So anyway, one day this account was gone.

I emailed them and asked why, but all I got was generic emails, listing a bunch of possible problems and possible solutions. The closest thing I got to an answer was a generic "If your account was deleted by MySpace, please review our Terms of Service in order to better understand our community rules."

So I have no idea why they deleted me, but my user name was available again after that, so I just made a new account. I was back in effect. But a few weeks after that, I was deleted again. I hadn't even gotten around to sending out ANY bulletins yet. I only had about 150 friends I believe. I keep sending Myspace emails asking why they deleted my account. I told them I want to make another account, and I told them that I want to know what I'm doing wrong so I can STOP doing it and my account won't get deleted anymore. I've send them several emails and all I get in return are generic auto response type emails.

So I have no idea what it is that I'm doing wrong. There are a million myspace accounts out there that are not specifically for an individual, and they never get deleted. I know I have one for my Computer Repair Company, though it's not set up yet. But I do have another myspace for my FellsBiker web site and my WhatsMyIP website. Neither of those have ever been deleted. Not to mention the countless bike shops, bike manufacturer, restaurant, and all the other myspace accounts out there that you see all the time, that are not for individuals, that never get deleted.

I'm very angry at Myspace. I'd just forget all about it, if it wasn't such a powerful tool for promotion.

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