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So me and my friend called CapitalOne today and double teamed them. As usual, they wouldn't let me talk to a human. We called the number and pressed NO buttons, menu after menu, until finally we go to a human. We asked about the $773.36 and she said she will put in to have that money sent to me. As of right now, it's been 56 days since I closed my account. And they waited for me to call and ask for the money, before they'd send it. But even then, I had called a bunch of times before, but they WOULD NOT let me talk to a human, until I cheated and didn't use their automated menus. In other words, you call up and it immediately asks you to enter your account number. If you do, you get a recording and then you are told to hang up. Only by sitting there did we get to someone. This is such bullshit! CapitalOne has got to be the worst credit card company EVER. I will NEVER, under ANY circumstances, get another CapitalOne card, car loan, ANYTHING, EVER AGAIN!!! And we'll see if I actually get my money '10 business days' from now!

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