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The beer commercial where he breathes fire and sneezes on that cat . . . while cats on fire are funny, that commercial was kind of predictable. Worthy of mention but nothing special.

The Audi R8 commercial, with they put the 'head' of the car in the Italian guy's bed. That was awesome. That was a scene from the Godfather right? In the movie it was a horses head and he was covered in blood. That was funny stuff.

And the Pepsi commercial was good too. With everyone falling asleep, then they drank pepsi max and started the head bobbing. Even LL Cool J was there bobbing his head, and Chris Kattan from A Night At The Roxbury (SNL). Really funny.

The movie "Wanted" looks lame.

The FedEx 'carrier pigeon' commercial is kinda funny. Giant birds throwing cars around.

SoBe Life Water. Lizard gets a drink and turns into MJ in the Thriller video. That was funny. Hmm was he a MenuLizard? :-P

Justin Timberlake getting his ass kicked. Or Andy Samberg in drag. I don't know which was funnier but that was one funny commercial! For pepsi btw.

I'm watching a commercial for Canada right now. The country. WTF. Silly Canadians, vacations are South, not North.

A Bridgestone tire commercial with a deer in the headlights at night. Then up the road, Gene Simmons holding a giant snake, standing on that same foggy road at night. Then even further up the road, Richard Simmons on the road at night, doing aerobics or whatever. It was really funny.

The baby using e-trade commercial is good. And BTW that was a white apple pro keyboard he was using :-)

The new Adam Sandler movie looks REALLY funny. Don't mess with the Zohan. He's a funny guy but I've been waiting a long time for a movie as funny as Happy Gilmore.

And there you have it. Oh wait, one last thing. I need a picture for this entry. Well I don't NEED a picture but it should have one. And I have the perfect idea, the girl from the Victoria's Secret commercial (Adriana Lima).

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