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So, I made a new page on one of my websites. The website is www.whatsmyip.org and the new page is pixels.whatsmyip.org

It's a Pixel Ad websites. PixelAds work like this:
You pay a flat rate for the advertising space. In this case, $1 per pixel for 10-by-10 blocks of pixels.
Then you supply me with your artwork, your website link, and a short tag-line, and you get added to the pixel grid. What makes it a good deal is the time the ad runs for.... forever! Not actually forever, but a very long time. My pixel grid is going to stay online until at least 2016, probably longer.

Now what makes it such a great deal for me? Well there are 10,000 available ad blocks. So if I sell them all, I make $1,000,000. Minus about $30,000 in credit card processing fees. Then about 40% of that to taxes. So lets call it a clean $580,000 in my pocket.

But the real good news is even if I sell one block, I'll still make money. And that one person would get all the exposure :-) Hopefully this gets at least a little popular, and I can sell at least a bunch of blocks.

That will really help me buy that Maverick ML8 I've been feening for since last spring...

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