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MySpace is supergay. Here's one more reason why.

When you post a link in your profile, like a link to apple.com or google.com or johnmasone.com, their system actually replaces your link with a custom myspace link ( www.msplinks.com/sdfadsfasdfadsfasd )

This is so they can control outgoing link. The custom myspace link forwards the viewer to whatever link you originally typed in. This is very bad because it totally screws over search engines trying to index the web. But also, get this, myspace is blocking johnmasone.com

I can't link to my own blog, from my myspace account. See for yourself. Go to my myspace, and try clicking on the johnmasone.com link: www.myspace.com/l008com

Apparently MySpace finds my opinion on things offensive? My Facebook links all work.

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