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Also, we finally switched to RCN and cancelled Comcast.

For a few dollars less per month, we get:
10 MBit Internet (vs 5 MBit on Comcast)
Digital Cable with ~100 extra channels (vs just basic cable with Comcast)
Tons of Free HD Channels (Including NESN!!!!) (vs just broadcast channels like Comcast)
A static IP with NO port blocks (vs a dynamic IP and call after call from Comcast Customer Intimidation [security assurance] department)

Yes including NESN. If your HD TV has a built in HD tuner (QAM tuner), you can get Red Sox games in HD, for FREE. You don't need a box from RCN, they don't encrypt any of the basic cable HD channels. Now we are getting "DigitalVision" which I assume is digital cable. So you might not get NESN HD if you just get super basic regular cable. But if you get regular digital from RCN, YOU CAN GET NESN HD. I don't understand why they hide the fact that you can get all these HD channels for free. Especially NESN HD. RCN could really steal a lot of customers from Comcast in Red Sox Nation if they advertised this bonus!

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