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I took my first trip to Rye today. It really sucked. It was super crowded. We really didn't ride anything but the half pipe all night. By the end of the night, I was getting pretty high on the half pipe, but I can't do turns. I think my full suspension is just not so great for half pipes. Next time I may bring my haro. I say that every time, I have yet to do it. This pic is just of one small corner of the building. It has some pretty cool stuff but the floor was really slick, like it was smooth but then has a layer of dust on it so you were sliding all around. Hopefully this place will be better when its not completely packed. I didn't even get to touch most of the park. Not like Taunton where we kept moving around riding everything. Oh well. As someone just told me, "it beats writing papers all night". Yes it did.

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