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When I first switched from Comcast to RCN (granted it was only about 3 months ago), it was great. My TV (A 26" Toshiba Regza) has a built in ATSC/QAM HD tuner. That means it can get any HD signal you give it. And I was getting a lot. RCN was broadcasting all of it's Digital Cable channels in QAM HD. No need for a bulky cable box, no need to pay $12 a month for that box. No need to try and find a place to put a cable box when my tv hangs directly on the wall. I was getting NESN HD and life was good.

RCN decided that while it was getting rid of all it's analog channels, they would also go ahead an Encrypt all their HD channels. Now they can give you all sorts of reasons why they encrypt their HD channels, but the bottom line is that they do it for one reason. To get people like ME to pay the $12 a month extra for the RCN HD cable box. Even though my TV already has an HD tuner built in. It is HELLA lame.

No more NESN HD. No more Myth Busters HD. No more CNN Obama Ass Kissing HD.

Non-encrypted HD channels were one of the few draws RCN has over Comcast. RCN service isn't as reliable as Comcast. And RCN tech support is just as useless as Comcast. But HD direct into my TV made it worth the trouble to switch. But now they've taken that away. So once my RCN contract is up, if they haven't given me back at least the all important NESN HD, I'll probably just switch back to Comcast and get no HD channels, BUT I won't lose my internet as much.

So if you are pissed off about RCN taking away your HD, go ahead and call them to complain.

You can also join this Facebook Group:

If RCN is learning from Comcast, then they'll be sure and completely ignore us. But maybe, just maybe, if enough people complain, they just might give us what we're asking for.

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