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I'd say there is a fair chance that I won't be seeing Michelle ever again. That sucks.

I've got even more RAM to add to my Computer Parts page. I have so much used RAM its not even funny.

I ask people "What do you think of X" and they hear "Please tell me exactly what I should do about X", and then they get pissed when I don't do exactly what they said. I'm not looking for directions, I'm looking for opinions to help me form my own decision. Pisses me off.

I've been biking like 3 days a week this summer. Last summer I biked 5-6 days per week. I'm not very happy about this. I also don't have the super man muscles like I had last year.

Speaking of biking, my Maverick Speedball adjustable seatpost is awesome when its working perfectly, but its damn near IMPOSSIBLE to get the seat adjusted on the post just right. The lever bring it up and down, but you have to fight with this really hard to adjust bold to rotate it forward and back, and slide it forward and back. It's very frustrating. I still recommend them to everyone though. Although Maverick isn't making them anymore, I think Crank Brothers is.

Also, I upgraded the brakes on my bike. I really wish I had a picture. I removed the 6" rear rotor and 7" front rotor, and replaced them both with 8" rotors. They are friggin' HUGE. They work amazing and when you look at the bike, it's ALL brake! I'm very happy about it.

I haven't sold my ML7 yet! I picked out the stocks I wanted to buy with the ML7 money MONTHS ago, but that niche bike just won't sell. Its on ebay right now so hopefully I'll finally get rid of it.

The Menus are coming in very slow these days :-/ Also I've been so busy ripping CDs that I haven't had much time to work on the login system, so it's still not public yet.

$65/hr is nice.

I started doing research on my next vehicle. The one conclusion I've come to so far is that I'm REALLY going to miss my RX-8 :-( At this point I'm thinking either a Mazda 6 or a VW GLI... but that will probably change a lot, my lease isn't up for another 9 months.

I've been thinking of getting a 15" laptop for my next laptop. More pixels and more firewire ports would both be great things. Aluminum is also nice. Hopefully Apple comes out with a 15" laptop that is less than $2000. My current Laptop is getting old fast, but my tower is still super fast. 6GB of RAM is awesome.

I'm pretty much just giving up on Wendys. Fast food is so yummy but only when it's cooked. No one likes french fries that look like cooked macaroni. It's so gross. I mean just good the goddamn french fries and I'd eat there once in a while!

As I type this blog entry, I'm telling Thomas's girlfriend what a butternut donut is.
Her: whats a butternut?
Me: good. thats what it is.

The boat is still in the driveway. Who has time. Stupid rug.

I still don't have an iPhone. I need one pretty bad too. I need to upgrade my MenuLizard iPhone app, and I have a whole other web app I want to make, that will be great. But I need an iPhone to actually make these things great.

I hope I see Michelle again.

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