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Have you ever bought something using paypal, been ripped off by the seller, and had PayPal tell you "tough luck" when you tried to get your money back? Well PayPal/eBay got sued, and now you can file a claim to get your money back!

They sent out emails to all paypal users. The emails looks mostly like SCAM emails, but I took a closer look and they appear to be totally legit. Plus the forms you have to fill out don't even ask for any sensitive info, like account login information. So it seems to be the real deal.

So if you've been scammed by someone, and paypal refused to give you a refund (they've never given me a refund for any problems I've ever had), go to this web site and check it out:

I submittied two paypal transactions, that are actually for the same seller. Send me dead items about a year apart. Hopefully I'll get that money refunded. only 3 and 4 years late...

Also I don't keep money in my paypal account anymore for the interest. I have one of those ING Direct Orange savings account that is currently getting higher interest than paypal. And more importantly, it's FDIC insured. Paypal is nothing. They could at any moment decide to take your money and cancel your account and there's nothing you can do about it. Lets just hope ING Direct doesn't crash like all the other banks :-O

If you REALLY hate paypal, you can always check out www.paypalsucks.com/

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