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President: Obama
For the following reasons: economy/tax, health care, war, foreign policy, energy, overall approach
Also, NUCULAR is not a word. If you can't even SAY Nuclear Weapons, you should NEVER EVER EVER be in charge of Nuclear Weapons (sarah palin).

Question 1: Removing Income Tax (NO)
No more income tax. What do you want to be like New Hampshire? No offense but NH's government is poor, they can't afford to do ANYTHING that isn't funded federally. Yeah I'd like to keep more of my money but at what cost? How are we going to pay for.... everything? Schools, Police, Fire, Public Transportation? We've got a lot of stuff. Its not going to magically continue to function without money.

Question 2: Possession of Marijuana (YES)
Yes people who smoke week are retarded. Retards aren't criminals. They're just dumb. This won't make it any less of a crime to drive around high, just less of a crime (but still a crime) to have small amounts of weed on you.

Question 3: Banning Dog Racing (Skip)
If dogs are treated unfairly, don't we need laws to enforce better treatment of animals? Some people drive drunk. We don't make driving illegal, we make drunk driving illegal. The whole thing seems dumb, so I'm not voting on it.

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