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Another scammer scammed! This guy asked me if my item (which was my $775 White MacBook) was still available. I told him it was, but the listing was a typo, and that the real price of the item was $1775. $1775 is an insane price for this laptop. It's only $1000 brand new. $1775 is almost the cost of a brand new 15" MacBook Pro!!!

So without hesitation, he agree to pay $1800 for the MacBook, PLUS he has his own DHL shipping account. BINGO. So a few days later I get an email from the US Postal Service, telling me they got the sender's money (Robort Hamps is his alias). So the email said that once I ship out the package, the US Postal Service will be mailing me my money order. The US Postal Service has NO SUCH escrow service. Furthermore, while the email looked like an official USPS email, it was sent from united.sfastefundexpr@consultant.com

Another few days or so pass and I get an email with a prepaid DHL label.
So the label is for a 15 lb package with a customs value of $40. The destination address on the label is:
Block 618 flat 6, abesan estate
la,  LA  23401

I assume that's a Nigerian address. So I email the fella back and told him I received the label but its only for 15 lb, the computer boxed up with all the accessories weighs 35 lb. So he resends me a new label a little while later, this one for 35 lb. Again, I can only hope he's paying for these labels himself. He probably isn't, but even if he isn't, at least these big purchases will help get that stolen account noticed quicker.

So now I had a 35 lb shipping label, but there was still the issue of the $40 customs value printed on it. Looking around google, the best i can find is that average customs is 12%, plus 7% surcharge and 5% tax. So 24% give or take. So $40 isn't enough. Since the computer is really selling for $775, I opened the label in photoshop and changed the customs value from $40.00 to $700.00. Now, the $40 is probably in a computer somewhere, so they may not even see the label. But if they do go by the label, my work is perfect and this person will have to pay about $170 to get what they think is my laptop. Plus the package is in a real MacBook box, so they really will think it's a laptop computer, and they really will want to pay the $170. Not as much profit as they would have got if it was only $10 in customs, but still they're going to think they have $600ish in pure profit in that box. They won't. Wait what am I saying he thinks the laptop is worth $1800. Even better! Plus I emailed him and told him I found a spare battery and threw it in the box, just to make sure he totally bought it!

Tracking number for my newest box o' rocks is:

It was raining today, which is why the rocks look wet. They are wet, and very muddy. That's ok, I don't think my scammer will mind :-)

Check back in the comments to see what happened when the package was delivered, and to see if this scammer sent me any interesting emails! :-)

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