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You know, its funny. I went to the bike store with my old frame, and I come home with two frames. But they were right, my old frame really wouldn't make a very good skate park bike. And the new one I got will make a very good one, and I got a really good deal on it. So now I have an orange Kona frame that I need to turn into a crazy park bike. And now I REALLY have no use for my old Klien frame, so I need to sell that. I'm hoping I can get $200 for it but, we'll see. This will make a good park bike, good water jump bike, and hopefully a good backup mountain bike for when the Maverick has problems (problems meaning a broken derailer hanger most likely). But I'm not giving up suspension and going hardtail single speed like everyone else is these days. OoooOOOOOoooooh no, my Maverick is the shizzz-nit and it's not going anyway. I just need something better for the half pipes :-)

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