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I finally got a new camera! My old HP camera is REALLY old. 2 megapixels, no zoom, 4 batteries, friggin huge size. Its what would classify today as a toy camera for kids. So I picked up a Nikon L12. This is one mean camera. Its tiny. Its screen is huge. It only takes two batteries. They seem to last forever. Its very light. It looks like a camera, not a happy meal prize. It takes 7 Megapixel photos. And shoots video at full 640x480 resolution at 30 frames per second. Thats full non-HD quality video. And I also picked up a 4 GB memory card for it. I've been playing around with it and it takes real nice photos so far. I want to try and find a nice case for it I can strap to the chest strap on my backpack, and I want to find a small, really light weight tripod so I can shoot some urban biking video :-) Its a real nice camera and I plan on getting a whole lot of use out of it.

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