One day I got so sick of getting "You're Pre-Approved!" junk mail, that I decided to see if I could do something about it. I got on a roll and found ways to stop all sorts of junk that I get. Phone calls, mail, etc. Not email though. You can't stop junk email, but paper mail is another story...

Also, remember that if you don't want to give any of these web sites your real email address, you can use a temporary email address from

Credit Cards & Insurance

I used to get TONS of credit card offers in the mail. I've been pre-approved! Wow-wee! Credit card companies and insurance companies get their mailing lists from credit reporting companies. This web site lets you opt out of these offers. So none of the credit card companies should be sending you offers anymore. I've never gotten insurance offers in the mail, but this should take care of those too if they are a problem for you.

You can opt out online for 5 years, or you can print out a form and mail it in (like, paper mail) to opt out forever. I recommend opting out forever.


I never answer the house phone, so I didn't know that I was getting marketing calls every day. So I figured I'd give the do not call registry a try. Your registration on this list only lasts 9 years.

They say you don't have to put your cell phone on the list. They say you should never recieve telemarketing calls to your cell phone. I put my cell phone on there anyway, because I did get one call on my cell once, and I was very upset about it.

Valpak Coupons

I get these super annoying coupon books at my house and at my PO BOX all the time. They drive me crazy. If you dig and dig and dig, they too have a place where you can unsubscribe (unless you are an Canada, then you're SOL).

I hate to think how many trees are wasted by these people.

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