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My Wii arrived! Yes, I got a Wii raincheck for christmas. But now I have a Wii. I only have two games, the Wii Sports and Wii Play games. But still, it's so much fun! Although the Tennis and Boxing on the Sports game are REALLY pissing me off. The friggin character switches sides with the tennis racket. You try to switch sides too and the switching makes you swing, then when the ball comes you're on the ground and miss. Its VERY annoying. And the boxing game is even worse. I throw punch after punch with the remote, and my guy just stands there like a retard. WTF. All the other games are really fun though. I'm very good at shooting in the Wii Play. I'm getting pretty good at baseball too but man the baseball really wears you out! This thing is so much fun! I need more games!

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