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This is the switch panel I plan on installing in my boat. It will replace all the ghetto switches on my dash, and add many more. It also explains what every switch will do. This is a long term project, it will probably be a long time before everything on the panel is working. If ever.

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I am the muthafucking king of Kitty Cannon.

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Not by the cops. By an older couple, who pulled me over at a stop sign to ask me if I had a card. I was like "huh?" Then the guy goes "You fix Macs right?" I laughed and gave them a card, then drove off. This is the first time I've ever been stopped over my license plate.

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This is my Mii. Doesn't he look like me! Speaking of my nintendo wii, my arms are in so much pain right now!!!

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My Wii arrived! Yes, I got a Wii raincheck for christmas. But now I have a Wii. I only have two games, the Wii Sports and Wii Play games. But still, it's so much fun! Although the Tennis and Boxing on the Sports game are REALLY pissing me off. The friggin character switches sides with the tennis racket. You try to switch sides too and the switching makes you swing, then when the ball comes you're on the ground and miss. Its VERY annoying. And the boxing game is even worse. I throw punch after punch with the remote, and my guy just stands there like a retard. WTF. All the other games are really fun though. I'm very good at shooting in the Wii Play. I'm getting pretty good at baseball too but man the baseball really wears you out! This thing is so much fun! I need more games!

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Here is the gigantic icicle that was dangling over my car. Thats gotta be easily the biggest icicle that has ever hung on this house. If that thing fell on me, or my car, that would have hurt! (or dented) So I knocked it down :-( The other side of the house has a huge one too, and that other one has the cable tv cable going right through it. So when it decides to fall, there will be no more TV. And internet. How super lame! Doesn't the cable company think of these things before they hang their wires!

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Yeah. I don't think this is a joke? For $23, you can buy a small can of Uranium Ore on Amazon:
Uranium Ore

As if this isn't weird enough. Go to the bottom of the page and look through the items listed under "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed". Yeah wtf?

So anyway I'm trying to decide if I want to put Uranium Ore on my christmas list :-)

Uranium | +
Cancer | -

hmmm I'll have to think about it...

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Red Sox kick ass. They won the world series again. And 30,000 people get free furniture. That is, they get a rebate for the furniture they bought from Jordan's furniture in the spring. Which includes my awesome waterbed i bought. Thats $787 I'll be getting back, most likely using to buy a new TV so next year when we do this AGAAAAAIN I can watch it on a high quality TV set.

I think it's time I get a new hat.

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A few weeks ago, I took the time to create a "small screen" friendly version of MenuLizard. I called it MenuLizard Mobile. Its much easier to use on a small screen than the full web site. Works great on iPhones, and even regular phones with a web browser, PDAs etc.

Then, I found a bunch of small 'iPhone Directories", lists of 3rd party 'web apps' for the iPhone. So I submitted my app to all of those, and started to see hits from them. That was neat.

Then Apple came a'knocking. So I submitted my site to Apple, and a few days later, they came out with their own web app directory for iPhone and iPod Touch. As you can see, in the first two days, my traffic is blowing up! This is excellent. Now, what I really really need is more menus.

People used to get to my site via google, because I had what they are looking for. But with web app directories listing MenuLizard Mobile, now people are being 'sent' to me, and expecting to see all their local menus. Unless they live near me, they aren't finding this.

So in conclusion, the explosion I knew was coming, is here. But if I don't grow and get LOTS more menus ASAP, I will become a victim of my own success. Too many people will be coming to me and NOT find what they are looking for. I need people to help the cause, instead of bitching about it.

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I recently posted an article about the web site you can go to, to opt out of credit card offers in the mail. I've made a full page on opting out. I have links to getting on the Do Not Call list, opting out of credit card offers, and opting out of Valpak coupon packs. When I find more, I'll add them to that page as well.


Check it out. Take back your time!

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Nearly every day I get offers for new credit cards in the mail. I'm pre-approved, hooray! The thing is, I have great credit, so I can pretty much get any credit card I want. And thats what I do, my cards are all rewards cards. 5% off gas, 5% off cell phone bills etc.

That's why I find it extra annoying to get these credit card offers in the mail. Today I got two, both from Chase. One wasn't enough? So I decided to see if there wasn't something I could do about it. Turns out, there is. This web site:


Lets you Opt-Out of all of them. Credit card companies and insurance companies apparently get their lists from the credit bureaus, and if you Opt out via that web site, in a few months you should never get any more annoying offers. Just think of all the trees you'll save! And time you'll save.

Now if I could just find a way to get off of the ValuePak coupon mailing list!

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My brochures arrived today. 2,000 MenuLizard brochures. Now I just have to stamp em, label em, and drop em off. Then wait for the menus to pour in. This site is going to be Huge.

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I just found this picture in my cell phone. It's been there for about a month, I just forgot about it. I don't even remember where I was, but wherever I was, those cranes are HUGE!

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Yes! They are making Harold & Kumar 2! Sequel to the most awesome movie: Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle. This is the best news I've heard in a long time. I can't wait. This will likely be cooler than ATHF: Movie Film For Theaters!

Hey speaking of the Aqua Teen movie, how much of a load of bullshit is it that the retarded Boston police still take not one single spec of responsibility for the panic they caused that day. They effectively brainwashed the public into thinking that these kids really did plant fake bombs around the city. Rather than telling everyone that they "planted" cartoon characters around the city, and they, the police, were too stupid to know the difference. Clearly I'm still pissed about that whole mess. And this really is taking away from the awesomeness of Harold & Kumar!!!


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She's Lindsay. From Saugus. :-D

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In honnor of the Boston police's retardedness, I made this really funny bumper sticker on cafepress.com And I've already sold three of them :-D

Mooninite Bumper Sticker

You ought to like.... buy one for your car :-)

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So I watch The Departed last night. What a great movie. Most amount of famous people in one movie in a long time. Now I'm not going to tell you who dies at the end, but I'll tell you this, the person you pick... you're probably right.

Now I'd love to go on and on about how good this movie is, HOWEVER I think I'll let Fitzy tell you about it instead: Fitzy's Review of The Departed

Oh and if you want to see a trailer, to go Apple.com, they have HD movie trailers that are almost gauranteed to be larger than your screen! The Departed Trailer

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This is the coolest Christmas present I've gotten in a long time. You put in your toast. You put in your egg. You put in your bacon. You wait a few minutes and BAM, instant eggwich! Now I can have eggwiches every morning! Or before ever big bike ride :-)

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