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Well, first snow that was more than a dusting. I hate snow.

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As you can see, I finished the mess I started the other day.

There is the new style and I rather like it. I may update my myspace to match it.

I've also made some changes to the posting script, so I don't have to hand code HTML anymore, which should make posting a little easier. These include some linking codes which I'm going to test right now.

This should link to apples website: www.apple.com mmmhmmm
And so should THIS

Also this should be bold and this should be italic. Thats about it. If you like the new look, leave a comment why doncha?

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One of my Mom's Thanksgiving decorations, slightly modified of course :-)

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Hey, this blog finally works. Well, I can post articles to it anyway. The rest doesn't work yet (like RSS, comments, archive etc) but I can at least post words and pictures. Just in time, I finally got a REAL cell phone! It has a pretty decent camera (for a cell phone) and I was able to hack it so I can transfer photos from the phone to my computer without paying verizon 50¢ or whatever for each one.
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