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I found this neat website that has all sort of USB items. I decided to place an order cause it all looked good. Turns out the website is in Hong Kong and everything they sell is junk. I bought a "Plasma Ball" and a playstation style game controller. The Plasma Ball actually works great. Its one of those ones that you touch and the streams of energy go to your hand, very cool. The game controller doesn't work at all. The up and down, left and right buttons don't work. Plus all of the buttons are way to stiff for a game controller. So rather than go on and on about how www.usbgeek.com is a cheap, shitty hack of a website, i'd rather talk about the packaging my two items came in.

The words written on them are English. But the people who write it clearly had no idea what they were talking about.

From the Plasma Ball's box:

   • Plasma Ball with USB Operated

OK that wasn't that funny, but the other box is covered with these amazing statements:

   • For USB Double Shock 2

   • Classical Series for Game Controllers

   • Imitate the mode to convert with normal regulations mode arbitrarity

   • 12 function keys satisfy your game action

   • The shape is special, feeling comfortable the shocking function is strong

   • The reasonable human body construction design felling is more comfortable

   • The rubberized and textured operation parts defend the sweat antiskid

   • Avoid high temperature, aquosity and direct sunlight

   • Don't let liquid into the product

   • Don't pull the connection line hardly

   • Don't use the causticity liquid clear the product surface

   • Private to dismantle the product does not belong to protect fix the scope

   • Pay attention to the use method and avoid long time play

Made me laugh. There's a whole website of this kind of stuff called Engrish

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