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So after getting a good recommendation from someone else who had business cards printed from VistaPrint, I decided to give them a try myself. $54 is better than $120 right? So why not. I got my 1000 cards and ummmmm... not so good.

The "Glossy White" card stock was yellowish. So my white background looked yellow. And my red ink looked orange. Making it look even more off color, everything VistaPrint does is either Black & White or CMYK, no spot colors. So my Pantone 1805 Red came out looking like some orange out of your $68 Epson printer.

Now, the standard size of business cards in this country is 2" by 3.5" (see!). But not on VistaPrint. Their business cards are 3.43" by 1.93". So the cars are noticeably smaller than they should be. Its like saying "Hey, I fix computers, but I'm a little insecure, so I don't want to say it too loud".

And finally, the template they gave me told me to upload an image with a .25" bleed. Now I'm just making up that number cause I don't remember exactly what bleed I was supposed to use, but whatever they said, thats what they got, EXACTLY. So I got my cards, and rather than bleed .25" off the page, the entire image of my card (which, do the math, is .5" taller and .5" wider than its supposed to be, because .25" of it all the way around is supposed to be printed off the edge of the paper) has been shrunk down, so the whole image, including the bleed, was on the card. So everything was shrunk, and none of the backgrounds lined up like they should. What made this extra annoying, was that on the "digital" proof their web site gave me, it actually DID line up perfectly, and the cut lines were exactly where they were supposed to be.

So anyway, the point is: Don't use VistaPrint unless a really low price is more important than a quality products. And, I don't even mean that sarcastically. There are certainly times when you don't need a good document, you just need a lot of them.

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I don't know what it is lately with my fellow Massachusetts drivers, but for some reason, EVERYONE likes to instantly go over to the left lane on the highway, and just stay there... driving slow as shit! They NEVER get out of your way. It stresses me out every time I have to drive on the highway. It stressed me out so much, I actually did RESEARCH.

Mass Law 89-2
Mass Law 89-4b

To summarize (although the laws are pretty short). Keep right, unless you are turning left or passing. Only pass on the left. Don't block people from passing you.

So why is it that I get on the highway, we go over a hill, and I see a solid string of cars in the left lane, while the 2 or 3 right lanes are almost empty? It drives me crazy. Like, really crazy. I can't go pass everyone on the right cause I'll be the asshole that gets pulled over, but none of the retards in my lane will GET OUT OF MY WAY.

Note the part about it being illegal to block someone trying to pass you. This means that if you are in the left lane and someone is right behind you and you think "hmmmph I'm not moving, this person can go around me". Not only would that be illegal for that person to do, its also illegal for you to be making him do it. In short, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY! Left lane is for passing. Go into the lane, pass, then get back over. When people tailgate in the left lane, its because you are being a "Left Lane Dick" and not getting out of their way.

Massachusetts drivers, please stop stressing me out, and get out of the left lane when faster traffic comes up behind you. I really wish I had a picture to go along with this blog entry, but I don't. Pictures of a line of traffic being held up by one slow ass driver in the left lane of a 4 lane highway. Oh my god, just thinking about it stresses me out.

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1) My original business cards from 2002. I made my logo in Photoshop! Using layer styles! How foolish.

2) My new card, printed with VistaPrint. Viewing the full 1200 DPI scan, I could see that the magenta and yellow of their CMYK printer wasn't aligned, which partly explains why the color is so far off. Also note how the card is too small. And (i've been over all this in my recent VistaPrint posting) the white background is much yellower in person than it scanned to.

3) My new card printed at Swifty Printing in Arlington. The resolution of their printer seemed a little low, but otherwise the card came out far superior to the VistaPrint card. The white is so bright white, and the red and black in just jump right out at you.

4) The back of the card. I thought it would be a nice touch.

The new cards feature my new MacFixer logo. The new logo is all vector art in illustrator. The text is solid red. The loop is solid black. And the text shadow is solid grey. Also, by popular demand, my name is on my new card. And my mailing address is off, because no one will need that. That is, unless they are mailing me my money, but my mailing address is on my invoice.

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But it's better than the Toyota Corolla they were going to give me.

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Yes! They are making Harold & Kumar 2! Sequel to the most awesome movie: Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle. This is the best news I've heard in a long time. I can't wait. This will likely be cooler than ATHF: Movie Film For Theaters!

Hey speaking of the Aqua Teen movie, how much of a load of bullshit is it that the retarded Boston police still take not one single spec of responsibility for the panic they caused that day. They effectively brainwashed the public into thinking that these kids really did plant fake bombs around the city. Rather than telling everyone that they "planted" cartoon characters around the city, and they, the police, were too stupid to know the difference. Clearly I'm still pissed about that whole mess. And this really is taking away from the awesomeness of Harold & Kumar!!!


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I just found this picture in my cell phone. It's been there for about a month, I just forgot about it. I don't even remember where I was, but wherever I was, those cranes are HUGE!

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Hey guess what. Since I redesigned this homepage to it's current look, comments haven't worked. It might have looked like they worked. You fill out the form, hit submit etc, but nothing would happen. I just never finished the system. But now I have. And i've included some nice anti-spam stuff too, so I should never get any spam comments.

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Yeah, downhill mode just means I put the seat all the way down, and put on the biggest, knobbiest tires I own. I was all ready to go up to Highland mountain Sunday, but thanks to the usual reason, things got messed up and I couldn't go. And I'm very angry about it to. I was very pumped about going, and I was really going to step it up and go big. But instead, I did a quick one hour loop in the Fells. I mean the Fells is great but still. I wanted to go to Highland.

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My waterbed needs more water in it. I guess its just stretching now that its been filled up for a few months. This saddens me, as now I have to go get a dirty hose from outside, and connect it to my bed. It's a pain in the ass.

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Well, my last collection of Urban Freeride clips didn't go over to well. I called it a 'movie'. I think that was my mistake. This newest collection of clips is just that, just a collection of clips, to some excellent music. You know what they say, Go Big or GFY.

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