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My brochures arrived today. 2,000 MenuLizard brochures. Now I just have to stamp em, label em, and drop em off. Then wait for the menus to pour in. This site is going to be Huge.

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So the label writer I've been using is GREAT! You select 350 labels, hit print, and BAM. It spits out a constant, steady stream of labels. When its done you've got a huge pile at your feet. I highly recommend these things to anyone looking to buy a label writer of some kind. They work the balls. They're soo cool, I even video'd it printing a batch. I realize thats going overboard, but its my site so deal with it :-)


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Cool summer nights lead to tons of fog off the lake. I've seen it much worse than this, but still this is a whole lot of fog.

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I made a few updates to this site today. First, I added many of my YouTube videos to the 'Videos' tab. Second, I added an RSS feed for Blog Comments. I think this RSS feed is working. I'm not sure, since my homemade feed reader chokes on it due to it's own weaknesses. But I think they will both work fine in a regular RSS readers.

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Nearly every day I get offers for new credit cards in the mail. I'm pre-approved, hooray! The thing is, I have great credit, so I can pretty much get any credit card I want. And thats what I do, my cards are all rewards cards. 5% off gas, 5% off cell phone bills etc.

That's why I find it extra annoying to get these credit card offers in the mail. Today I got two, both from Chase. One wasn't enough? So I decided to see if there wasn't something I could do about it. Turns out, there is. This web site:


Lets you Opt-Out of all of them. Credit card companies and insurance companies apparently get their lists from the credit bureaus, and if you Opt out via that web site, in a few months you should never get any more annoying offers. Just think of all the trees you'll save! And time you'll save.

Now if I could just find a way to get off of the ValuePak coupon mailing list!

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This is great.

First, Watch This:

Then, Watch This!:

I don't even remember how I ended up watching Jeopardy on YouTube but that was so funny!

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So its been about a week and a half. I've only gotten two brochures 'returned to sender'. And starting friday, I did notice an increase in traffic that corresponds to the time when most restaurants would be getting the brochure. But, alas, I have not received any menus yet. 80 of the brochures were sent first class, so I should already be getting menus from those places, and I should be getting menus from the other 2,000 by the end of the week. I should be flooded by menus. But I'm not :-( Lets hope I'm just being impatient, and that the flood of menus is coming.

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So there's a pretty cool picture of me on the front of DieselBikes.com. It was up for a while before anyone told me. I'm doing a huge wall ride in B&T's in Gloucester. I'm going right to the top of the rock. It's a really nice wall ride, all it needs is a kicker for those that want to gap up on to it :-)

Speaking of DieselBikes, I've got a character part in the movie this year, in addition to having lots of riding in there. Once the movie comes out, EVERYONE needs to check it out!

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I recently posted an article about the web site you can go to, to opt out of credit card offers in the mail. I've made a full page on opting out. I have links to getting on the Do Not Call list, opting out of credit card offers, and opting out of Valpak coupon packs. When I find more, I'll add them to that page as well.


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