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You are looking at peanut butter filled pretzels. You get them at Trader Joe's. These things are so good! I love peanut butter and I love peanut butter filled pretzels!

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The beer commercial where he breathes fire and sneezes on that cat . . . while cats on fire are funny, that commercial was kind of predictable. Worthy of mention but nothing special.

The Audi R8 commercial, with they put the 'head' of the car in the Italian guy's bed. That was awesome. That was a scene from the Godfather right? In the movie it was a horses head and he was covered in blood. That was funny stuff.

And the Pepsi commercial was good too. With everyone falling asleep, then they drank pepsi max and started the head bobbing. Even LL Cool J was there bobbing his head, and Chris Kattan from A Night At The Roxbury (SNL). Really funny.

The movie "Wanted" looks lame.

The FedEx 'carrier pigeon' commercial is kinda funny. Giant birds throwing cars around.

SoBe Life Water. Lizard gets a drink and turns into MJ in the Thriller video. That was funny. Hmm was he a MenuLizard? :-P

Justin Timberlake getting his ass kicked. Or Andy Samberg in drag. I don't know which was funnier but that was one funny commercial! For pepsi btw.

I'm watching a commercial for Canada right now. The country. WTF. Silly Canadians, vacations are South, not North.

A Bridgestone tire commercial with a deer in the headlights at night. Then up the road, Gene Simmons holding a giant snake, standing on that same foggy road at night. Then even further up the road, Richard Simmons on the road at night, doing aerobics or whatever. It was really funny.

The baby using e-trade commercial is good. And BTW that was a white apple pro keyboard he was using :-)

The new Adam Sandler movie looks REALLY funny. Don't mess with the Zohan. He's a funny guy but I've been waiting a long time for a movie as funny as Happy Gilmore.

And there you have it. Oh wait, one last thing. I need a picture for this entry. Well I don't NEED a picture but it should have one. And I have the perfect idea, the girl from the Victoria's Secret commercial (Adriana Lima).

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I shipped my new server off to my datacenter in Michigan today. FINALLY. I have been waiting for a SoftRAID update and Mac OS X 10.5.2 update for about a month. It was torture. But my server is finally off. It should be online in a few days, and by this weekend I should begin the fun process of migrating services from the old server to the new server. It actually WILL be fun and I can't wait.

The new server is faster than the old one (Dual 800MHz vs Dual 1000MHz), but it also has faster RAM and a faster system bus. Still not a huge update speed wise, but it is also running Mac OS X 10.5 Server, the old one is running Mac OS X 10.3 Server. So when you add in all of these factors, it's going to work out to be a much faster server. And the new software is going to make it much more capable and make it easier to manage.

Very exciting!

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So the other day, I jumped in my car and my odometer said 11,111 miles. That's like hitting a slot machine that has 5 rolls instead of only 3. So I screamed for joy and reached under my dashboard. But there was no wave of gold coins flowing out. Then I remembered that I was in my car and not at a casino slot machine, so I drove to work.

The end.

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I'm been at home sick since Friday. 4 days straight, going on 5. Its been like a crazy changing super flu. First it's a dizzy thing, then its a sore throat thing, then its a 'how many gallons of snot can we squeeze into your little head' thing. This is horrible. I haven't left the house since Thursday. I'm so sick and I definitely don't feel like I'm getting better, at least not quickly. Its too bad I don't have health insurance, I could go see a doctor or something.

Man I can not wait till spring, warm weather, sox games, urban bike rides, getting my snow tires taken off and whaling on my car. Ohh good times, I need you.

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So, I made a new page on one of my websites. The website is www.whatsmyip.org and the new page is pixels.whatsmyip.org

It's a Pixel Ad websites. PixelAds work like this:
You pay a flat rate for the advertising space. In this case, $1 per pixel for 10-by-10 blocks of pixels.
Then you supply me with your artwork, your website link, and a short tag-line, and you get added to the pixel grid. What makes it a good deal is the time the ad runs for.... forever! Not actually forever, but a very long time. My pixel grid is going to stay online until at least 2016, probably longer.

Now what makes it such a great deal for me? Well there are 10,000 available ad blocks. So if I sell them all, I make $1,000,000. Minus about $30,000 in credit card processing fees. Then about 40% of that to taxes. So lets call it a clean $580,000 in my pocket.

But the real good news is even if I sell one block, I'll still make money. And that one person would get all the exposure :-) Hopefully this gets at least a little popular, and I can sell at least a bunch of blocks.

That will really help me buy that Maverick ML8 I've been feening for since last spring...

February 2008