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I just read this article on MacNN:


This totally blows my mind. They are working on batteries that will last for 30 years before being depleted. The batteries use radioisotopes, they are not radioactive, and infact aren't even hazardous, you can throw them away in regular household trash. Its amazing technology!

And think what this means for your devices! Your laptop computer. Your iPods. Your Cell phones. Your digital camera. Your remote control. All of it, it could all be powered by batteries that will essentially last forever. Batteries as we know them would be completely obsolete. I'm completely blown away by this technology, and by how close it may be!

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I just watched the movie Knocked-Up. Hilarious movie. Go see it. There was one scene that I thought was weird though. When they were looking at a map of sex offenders in their neighborhood, the map looked familiar. The second time I watched the movie, I paused it and looked close. It says "California" on the screen, but it is clearly a map of Boston & the southern suburbs. Look at the map to the left (clicking on it will enlarge it you know) and there is no doubt about it, those are our roads, exactly! Funny stuff!

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Behold! The trailer for the mountain bike movie I've been working on. I'm only briefly in the trailer, but I have a real part in the acting part of the movie, and I'm all over the biking part of the movie. The DVD comes out next month, most likely. Buy it. You know you wanna. After watching this trailer, could you not want to?

Plus there's a surprise at the end :-)

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A few weeks ago, I took the time to create a "small screen" friendly version of MenuLizard. I called it MenuLizard Mobile. Its much easier to use on a small screen than the full web site. Works great on iPhones, and even regular phones with a web browser, PDAs etc.

Then, I found a bunch of small 'iPhone Directories", lists of 3rd party 'web apps' for the iPhone. So I submitted my app to all of those, and started to see hits from them. That was neat.

Then Apple came a'knocking. So I submitted my site to Apple, and a few days later, they came out with their own web app directory for iPhone and iPod Touch. As you can see, in the first two days, my traffic is blowing up! This is excellent. Now, what I really really need is more menus.

People used to get to my site via google, because I had what they are looking for. But with web app directories listing MenuLizard Mobile, now people are being 'sent' to me, and expecting to see all their local menus. Unless they live near me, they aren't finding this.

So in conclusion, the explosion I knew was coming, is here. But if I don't grow and get LOTS more menus ASAP, I will become a victim of my own success. Too many people will be coming to me and NOT find what they are looking for. I need people to help the cause, instead of bitching about it.

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Ever wonder what it would look like if someone ran over their 17" PowerBook G4? It would look just like this. I wish my phone had a better camera, you can barely see it. But yeah, that is great. I tried to tear the hard drive out and see if maybe he got lucky and the data was still there, but the drive was knock-knock-knocking which means unless you are sending it to a data recovery lab, you're outta luck.

Still though, what a great story to tell people!

And the best part, heres how much of a ball buster I am (although he's one right back so its ok):
Customer as I'm walking out the door "be careful driving"
Me "I'll try not to run over any computers"


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Red Sox kick ass. They won the world series again. And 30,000 people get free furniture. That is, they get a rebate for the furniture they bought from Jordan's furniture in the spring. Which includes my awesome waterbed i bought. Thats $787 I'll be getting back, most likely using to buy a new TV so next year when we do this AGAAAAAIN I can watch it on a high quality TV set.

I think it's time I get a new hat.

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